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Experience the beauty of wood with the benefits of Polymer.

Polymer Vs Wood

Although naturally strong, wood has a tendency to bend, scratch and crack. In nature, the trunk of a tree is designed to carry water from the roots to the leaves, a quality that timber retains once it has been cut down. Because of its absorbent properties timber will of course take on water, swell up in damp conditions or dry out during a hot spell. Ultimately, unless it is treated regularly against fungi, insects or the elements, wood will fade, warp and crack in sunlight and rain or damp will make it slippery and cause it to take on moisture making it swell and eventually rot.


Unlike timber or WPC decking, the Polymer Rinato deck boards are completely weatherproof and offer stability, UV resistance and anti-slip properties

High UV Resistance & no Maintenance

In contrast to wooden deck boards, Rinato boards offer a high level of UV resistance and will not fade or scratch, they are mould resistant and do not require regular staining, sealing or oiling, saving you precious time and unnecessary expense.

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