Apps for Metalworkers

We have handpicked apps ideal for metalworkers, you can download most of these for free but some need to be purchased.

Angle Meter 

Autocad 360 

Construction Master Pro 

Genious Scan+  

iHandy Level

Accurately measure the angles or slopes.


iTunes: Free

Android: Free


Easy sketch & drawing tool useful on site. 


iTunes: Free

Android: Free

Advanced construction maths calculator.



Android: £21.05


Scan documents & send as JPEG or PDF.


iTunes: Free

Android: Free


Basic & accurate spirit level/angle finder. 


iTunes: Free

Android: Free



Right Angle 

Turbo Scan Pro 

Photo Measures

Steel Beam 

Award winning digital handwriting & sketcthing. 


iTunes: Free

Android: N/A

Enter 2 variables & have the calculator figure the rest.


iTunes: Free

Android: Free

Turns your phone into a powerful document scanner.


iTunes: £3.99

Android: £3.00

The perfect app to save, share measures & dims.


iTunes: £4.99

Android: £2.99

Make simple beam and steel column calculations.


iTunes: N/A

Android: £1.24


Geometric Formulae 










Geometric formulae & concepts in just a few taps.

iTunes: N/A

Android: Free

















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