PanelGrip ® | Dry Glaze Glass Balustrade System

PanelGrip Frameless Glass Balustrade System

The PanelGrip® system utilises a unique locking mechanism of high-strength aluminium and PVC isolators combined with a specially designed aluminium shoe moulding.  The exclusive PanelGrip™ design enables the system to be easily adjusted and readjusted when installed.

When assembled with tempered monolithic, or tempered laminated glass, PanelGrip™ enables the installer to fabricate a structural glass railing system which can be side or base fixed.  The system is easy to install, mess free, and with no special tools required provides a reduction of up to 80% in labour and installation costs.

Note: Our PanelGrip system is supplied non anodised

Radius Bends on Balustrade

Load Tabes for Balustrades

PanelGrip ® Test Report 

Aluminium Channel Cleaning & Maintenance

! Tested to 1.5kN/m - Load strength dependent upon glass specification used with installation.


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