Rawlplug R-FFS


The unique expansion zone ensures optimal anchorage depth, guaranteeing the highest fastener load capacity. Thanks to this, it can be used in all types of substrates with minimum installation times. High load capacities and the use of steel class 6.8 make it recommended for light steel structures like balustrades and handrails.


  • Hexagonal head with collar
  • R90 fire resistance and A1 fire classification allow the product to be used in most applications
  • High shear strength thanks the use of steel grade 6.8
  • Quick installation thanks to 2 reduced anchoring depths: 40 mm in concrete and solid brick* (categories A and B*) 50 mm in substrates with hollow brick and aerated concrete (categories C and D)
  • Use a punch-tool to increase a performance in aerated concrete

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