Our most versatile handrail section yet. Designed and engineered to fit any 50mm square-post handrail or balustrade system.

This quality engineered handrail capping range is available in both adonised aluminium and black powder-coated aluminium (black sand finish will be available later in 2024). All options offer great protection from wear and tear and from weather damage.

The versatility of this handrail capping system provides installers with a cost-effective, time-saving solution to complete any railing or balustrade installation. Suitable for balcony handrail, decking handrail or patio handrail in residential settings, the capping section will fit on top of any 50mm post of 50mm hollow section.

Because our handrail capping is manufactured from premium aluminium, all components are light, yet incredibly durable. As with all of our products, we pride ourselves on finding you the best quality for the best price.

Gloss Black Powder-coated Finish

Adonised Aluminium Finish

Black Sand Powder-coated Finish

Two effortless ways to configure

Professional Joining System

marano professional capping handrail system

Adjustable Joining System

marano handrail capping system

Components that provide the flexibility to work with any configuration

90º Corner Joiners

Aluminium handrail capping

90º – 180º Variable
Angle Joiners

Aluminium handrail capping

180º Section Joiners

Wall Bracket

Aluminium handrail capping system

End Cap

Capping Handrail Length

Vertical Joiner

Horizontal Joiner

180º Section Joiner


90º Corner Connector

Aluminium Handrail Capping System

90º Corner Section

Handrail Under Cap

The handrail capping system comes as component parts enabling the installer to fit it to any configuration of a 50mm square-post system. Each component is available in adonised or gloss black powder-coated finish, with a black sand finish coming soon.

Fortitude Railing with capping handrail

Handrail Capping with Fortitude Traditional system in Black Sand (Coming Spring 2024)

Screw or Glue

For even greater flexibility, the handrail capping can be fixed to any 50mm post or hollow section by screws or with a strong adhesive. No welding necessary.

Handrail and under cap currently sold as one complete unit at 5800mm lengths and is easily cut to size to work with systems using varying post centres.

Versatile enough to work with these stocked handrailing systems (and more).

Marano Timeless Edge

Marano Timeless Handrail System

Fabricated Railings

Steel and iron handrailing

Fortitude Traditional

Fortitude Traditional Railings

Fortitude Contemplation

Fortitude Contemplation Balustrade

Fortitude Post & Rail

Fortitude Steel Posts

Black Sand Powder Coated components, designed to work seamlessly with our Fortitude railing systems, are due to arrive Spring 2024.

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