Expanded Metal

F.H. Brundle is the country’s largest supplier of expanded metals, offering an extensive range of mild steel expanded mesh, stainless steel panels and aluminium expanded sheets.

Expanded metal is made by feeding sheets or coils into an expanding machine, equipped with a ‘knife’ designed to cut it to produce a particular mesh pattern. It is sheared and stretched in a single process, then cut into sheets or wound onto coils for transportation.

Expanded metal is extremely versatile, and suitable for a wide range of different applications. It can be used to make security screens, balustrade infill panels, reinforce brickwork or make walkways, for instance.

In architecture, it is often used for cladding facades in the construction of bridges, ornamental features and art displays. Industrial applications include exhibition stands, window guards, cages, shelving and expanded metal flooring.

In the automobile industry, expanded metal is used for car grilles, radiator grilles and filtration systems. Where security is important, security lathing can be fixed to block work, studded partitions or joists to prevent or restrict entry. In fencing applications, it is often used when erecting scaling barriers. Some domestic applications include indoor and outdoor furniture, ceiling tiles and more.

We stock mild steel, pre-galvanised steel, stainless 304 & 316 and aluminium, available as raised mesh or flattened mesh with different hole apertures and thicknesses to suit customer’s needs. All materials can be coated using various popular methods, including galvanising, painting and powder coating.

Our expanded metal products come in an extensive selection of patterns, which are available with over 50 mesh sizes and in various sheets or roll sizes.

Technical Information

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