Max Door Weight 60kg IBFM

Create a touch of modern style and functionality in your home or business with IBFM's sliding door gear for doors up to 60kg.

This versatile system is perfect for:
  • Space-saving doorways: Ideal for maximizing floor space in living areas, kitchens, or offices.
  • Room dividers: Effortlessly separate areas while maintaining a sense of openness.
  • Closets and pantries: Provides smooth and easy access to storage spaces.
  • Light commercial applications: Suitable for storefronts, display areas, or room dividers in offices.

Key Benefits:
  • Effortless operation: Ensures smooth and quiet movement for your doors.
  • Compact design: Discreet and stylish, complementing any décor.
  • Easy installation: Simplifies the process of adding sliding doors to your space.
  • Adjustable stoppers: Provides secure positioning for your doors.

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