Handrail Tube and Bends

F.H. Brundle is continually striving to make installations quicker and easier, and tubular bends in both galvanised and self colour for 33.7mm and 42.4mm tube will do just that. These bends are designed for any system that uses 33.7mm and 42.4mm round tube, such as handrail standards, Adjustarail and tube clamps. Joining bends to handrail tube couldn't be simpler with splice locks and tube clamp 16149 sleeves and 16150 internal joints.

We also offer a range of made-to-order stair returns and ramp bends, please complete our Handrail Bends Ordering Form and send this into your local branch who will be happy to assist you.

Our comprehensive range of tube clamp fittings and sizes allows them to be used in a wide variety of temporary or permanent applications such as handrails, safety barriers, pedestrian barriers, scaffolds, billboard supports, exhibition stands, sports screens, concert stages, goal nets and tennis court enclosures, for example. You can also use tube clamps to construct shop fittings, lighting grids, shelving, storage racks, and even garden toys. The versatility of this product allows you to construct any tubular structure.

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