Roof Edge Guardrail

Our working at height safety section provides several simple, flexible and cost-effective solutions to help reduce the risks associated with working at height. Our products are specifically designed to allow the user to safely work from scaffolds, towers, roof tops and ladders.

Our rapid installation roof edge protection can now be designed and calculated to meet the new BS 13700 counterweighted guardrail systems standard. The roof edge protection system requires no fixings, welding or drilling, and subsequently no repair to the roof membrane. It is suitable for flat or nearly flat roofs. The system operates on a counterbalance principle using PVC counterweights as the main component. A galvanised foot supports the handrail post, this includes an integral toe plate facility, which is a requirement if there is no perimeter edge upstand. This product complies with BS EN ISO 1461, BS EN 14122-3:2001 & EN 13374 and features a bolt on toe plate facility to comply with HSG 33. The maximum component weight is 25kg and this product is for use on asphalt, coated steel sheet or concrete, mineral felt roofs.

Click here to view roof edge protection technical PDF

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