Introducing our premier garden solution – an exquisite blend of artistry and functionality.

Straightcurve® is the UK’s only high-end modular steel landscaping range that is quick and easy to install using basic household tools. Pre-drilled and prepared for self-assembly, and specifically designed for ease of installation, this stylish range consists of modular garden edging, raised garden beds, and planter box systems.

Straightcurve’s premium steel garden edging products are totally customisable and configurable to suit an almost infinite number of layout possibilities. The striking range offers unparalleled adaptability and will help you create remarkable outdoor spaces, while providing a durable and functional border for your landscaping.

The Straightcurve range is specifically designed for quick and easy installation with basic household tools, pre-drilled and prepared for self-assembly, simple to shape by hand with no training or experience, precision-engineered, designed to last, and surprisingly affordable compared to the alternatives.

Straightcurve products are the smarter choice for savvy landscape professionals and gardening enthusiasts:

  • Bring your design vision to life with high-quality modular products.
  • Effortlessly connect edges and strongly brace products for a stress-free design process.
  • Save time & money for clients by eliminating custom fabrication and onsite welding.
  • Unleash your creativity with our wide range of cross-compatible products.

  • Deliver beautiful, safe, and child-friendly designs that will delight your clients.
  • Refresh or upgrade the look & feel of established residential gardens.
  • Use a family of high-quality steel landscaping products sharing quick-connect & easy install DNA.
  • Improve the curb appeal, overall aesthetic, and liveability of homes & gardens.

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