GRP - Glass Reinforced Plastic

As well as being versatile and cost effective, GRP gratings are lighter and more durable than steel, offering a high resistance to corrosion. They are fire retardant, chemical resistant and non-conductive with a high strength to weight ratio and require virtually no maintenance. GRP gratings are suitable for many applications, providing safe and cost-effective anti-slip flooring solutions where long term performance in aggressive corrosive or chemical environments is required.

Benefits of GRP: 
Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) is a very useful material and used in many industries, including industrial, commercial and residential sectors. Some of the benefits of GRP include:

High Strength-to-Weight Ratio - GRP is a strong yet lightweight material that can bear heavy loads. Its weight makes it easy to install and very economical to transport.

Low Maintenance - GRP requires virtually no maintenance.

Affordable - Material used construction can be expensive, but GRP is affordable, and requires virtually no maintenance or upkeep, saving on additional costs. GRP is also long-lasting reducing the need for replacements at regular intervals.

Colour Option - Many GRP products including gratings, handrails, gates and fencing are commonly installed outside in areas of high footfall or with greater volume daily traffic. Colours used within GRP go through a process of pigmentation, meaning that there is no fade or discolouration regardless of where the product is used.

Versatile - The flexibility of GRP means it can be moulded to any specification, making it an extremely versatile material to use.

Corrosion Resistant - Offering exceptional corrosion resistance, GRP is highly tolerant of the most aggressive of environments.

UV Stability - GRP is waterproof, making it ideal for use on roofs, walkways and other outdoor applications.

Durability - GRP products are designed to be durable regardless of the environment they are installed in GRP is an incredibly resilient and durable material that delivers outstanding cost benefits. The unique properties of GRP mean that the condition of the product doesn’t deteriorates when exposed to the elements.

Anti-Slip Finish - When wet, GRP remains a safe and secure product to use in any wet or damp conditions.

Applications - Platforms, factory floors, Food processing plants, Chemical plants, Oil rigs, Substation floors, Walkways, Ramps, Raised flooring, Pontoons, Trench covers

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