Meshmaster 358

MeshMaster™ 358 is the definitive mesh fencing system for perimeter protection, featuring a finger and foothold-proof wire configuration that creates a barrier which is virtually impossible to climb, penetrate or cut by conventional means; offering maximum security and anti-corrosion protection - all backed by an expert customer service team.

MeshMaster™ 358 is suitable for use in many locations where security is paramount and particularly where good visibility must be maintained, such as prisons and airports. The design of this system not only makes it the most secure within the MeshMaster™ range, it creates the most formidable perimeter solution available today.

• Mesh Pattern: 76.2 x 12.7mm resistance welded at each intersection
• Horizontal Wires: Ø 4mm at 12.7mm centres
• Vertical Wires: Ø 4mm at 76.2mm centres
• Weld strength: 75% of the minimum tensile strength of the wire
• Finish: Galfan
• Presentation: Overlapped 75mm minimum at each post for securing with slotted clamp bars and Ø 8mm bolts
• Posts: MeshMaster™ 358 posts
• Post Centres: At approximately 2.44m


• Warehouses
• Distribution Centres 
• Power Plants
• Laboratories
• Financial Institutions
• Computer Centres
• Military Sites
• Prisons
Quick order calculator:
  1. Divide metre run required x 2.44 = number of posts (if end or corner posts required, please add)
  2. Fixings required are supplied with posts

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