Rebound 868

Rebound 868 mesh has been specifically designed to be used surrounding multi use games areas (also known as MUGAs) creating a safe and secure area for ball games. As the name suggests it has high rebound properties meaning it can withstand the impact from a ball delivered at force and deflect it back into play.

The lower area of the mesh panel is formed with a rigid twin 8mm wire design that has additional horizontal wires in the bottom 1200mm section of a panel. These additional wires reduce the panel apertures to 50 x 66mm, creating a tighter-knit mesh form that has high shock absorption and rebound properties. It is this lower area that tends to get most of the ball impact. This dense double wire pattern can be continued throughout the full height of the panel if necessary, creating a rigid wall of rebound mesh.

The 868 Rebound Mesh fencing system come with a clamp bar fixing format and is available in a black or green powder coat finish.

  • Schools
  • Professional sports grounds 
  • Leisure sorting facilities
  • Multi-Use Gaming Areas (MUGA's)
  • Running tracks
  • Parks
Quick order calculator:
  1. Divide metre run required x 2.520 = number of posts (if end or corner posts required, please add)
  2. Take number of posts and multiply by the number of fixings required, please see information sheet here
  3. Add security screws and drill bit to order, if required

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