Roll Top/Safe Top

The principle feature of this fencing is the unique and "user friendly" closed beam section located along the top and bottom edge of the panel. With no sharp or raw edges, Safe Top panels are suitable where safety is a consideration.



  • Triangular Beam at the Top and Bottom of the panel provide additional rigidity
  • 3.0m wide panels can reduce the cost of installation and post costs by up to 20% when compared to 2.5m wide panels
  • Manufactured from Galvanised wire to BS EN 10244-2 Class D
  • The cut out on the folded section allows for an easy installation onto square or rectangular post sections

• Public spaces
• Parks
• Play grounds
• Schools
• Sports grounds
Quick order calculator:
  1. Divide metre run required x 3.025 = number of posts (if end or corner posts required, please add)
  2. Take number of posts and multiply by the number of fixings required, please see information sheet here.
  3. If required add Trilobe Allen Key to order

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