Stainless Steel 316 External Handrail & Balustrade

Stainless Steel 316 External Handrail and Balustrade

Our 316 stainless steel external handrailing performs excellently in a range of atmospheric environments.  Due to its chemical composition, it is generally more resistant to corrosion or pitting than grade 304 and posesses excellent weld ability properties.  A highly versatile material, 316 stainless steel tends to be regarded as the standard “marine grade stainless steel”, so where a higher level of resistance to corrosion is required, such as in external applications, 316 stainless steel external handrailing is recommended.  For internal application 304 stainless steel handrailing is suggested.

We can supply a choice of infil solutions such as round bars, wire mesh panels or perforated metal panels to your specification.  We also offer a choice of wire rope systems and glass clamps which can be used with your choice of glass panels.

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