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We are pleased to offer the finest quality VINYLAST™ paint which does not need any pre-treatment or primer. Two coats will give a long-lasting finish on freshly galvanised ironwork and although we recommend it is applied by spraying, small areas may be brushed on.
Today, most ironwork for outside use is hot dipped galvanised. This helps to prevent rust and greatly increases the life of the ironwork. Over time however, the zinc will be chemically changed into corroded zinc by the atmosphere. To prevent this, zinc coated surfaces should be painted. Conventional paints will not adhere without pre-treatment and can chip or flake away.

VINYLGLOSS is specially formulated to give a gloss finish. It can be applied and used in the same way as VINYLAST except that it must only be used for the final coat. The first coat(s) should be standard VINYLAST of any colour. The recommended dry film thickness remains the same (minimum 75 microns DFT is required normally and up to 120 microns in salt conditions).

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