Nylofor 3D | Fence Height 2.4m

The ideal solution for most types of boundary and low/medium security applications. Nylofor 3D is a very attractive and cost effective solution. The panels feature 'V' shaped beams at the top, centre and bottom edges, which not only enhance the appearance but also provide an integral support spanning between the posts.


Mesh Pattern:

Horizontal Wires:

Vertical Wires:



Post Systems:

200x50mm resistance welded at each intersections

Ø 5mm at 200mm centres

Ø 5mm at 50mm centres

Polyester coated with a galvanised substrate

All panels have a 30mm barbed top edge.  Post centres at approx. 2.525m

Twilfix 2000

Please contact the sales desk for further information or to place an order. Please see below for the relevant products to suit your desired fence height.

All prices shown are exclusive of VAT @ 20%

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