Fencing & Security | Rylock Green Stock Fence

Our Rylock Green stock fence is available 4 types:

1. Light - An economic stockproof fence designed for use where traditional permanent fences are not required e.g. gas in walls or fencing around excavations. Type L5/60/15 has been developed specifically as a "hedge bottom" product or for low gap filling and protecting new hedge planting.

2.  Medium - A medium gauge stockfence used for all types of permanent fencing, cattle, sheep or pigs.

3. Heavy - The recommended specification for extremely tough fencing - where corrosion pressures are likely to be high, or a difficult site that you won't want to re-fence for a long time.

4. Vulcan - A Vanadium enhanced high tensile stockfence for ultimate strength and pliability, allows greater tensioning and a higher resistance to impact than other steel types.

All prices shown are exclusive of VAT @ 20%

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