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Fencing and Security Products

We stock the largest range of security fencing and perimeter security in the UK, so whether your application is industrial, commercial or agricultural, we will have a security fencing system suitable to your requirements.

You can choose from palisade fencing - a formidable deterrent against crime and vandalism and available in galvanised steel or GRP for where a non-conductive and metal free material is required. Our range also includes Paladin, Nylofor 2D, Nylofor 3D and Nylofor 3M, Roll Top and Securifor 358.

Chain link fencing is a versatile and easy to erect system suitable as a boundary marker or a permanent security fence. To deter unauthorised access, fence spikes and anti-vandal scaling barriers can be added to metal fencing and walls and offer a high degree of protection. Barbed wire and tape can also be added to the top of fences.

Our Fortitude™ range of ready to install steel railings include bow tops & ROSPA bow top railings and gates are designed to give you peace of mind. Also in the range are 5 great designs of linear railings all offering easy and trouble free installation.

In addition, we offer Rylock, Sentinel and general purpose wire netting suitable for agricultural applications. Our range of fencing systems is designed to cover almost every category of the modern fencing market. We also supply a range of bollards to protect buildings, fences and gates.


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