GRP Products

We stock a wide range of glass fibre reinforced pultruded products. Our technically advanced GRP formulation is highly tolerant of most aggressive environments and is resistant to corrosion and chemicals offering an alternative to steel, aluminium and timber. GRP products also provide many other benefits including, high tensile strength – equal to steel profiles. GRP is lightweight, easy to install – it can be cut on-site to suit specific requirements and does not require heavy lifting equipment.

The non-conductive properties of GRP make it ideal for use on electrically hazardous sites. It is electronically transparent and not affected by electromagnetic fields or radio wave frequencies. The non-sparking qualities of GRP make it suitable for locations where combustible gases may be present.  For those very reasons GRP palisade fencing is becoming the product of choice anong many industrial sectors including the likes of National Rail and National Power.

With very low maintenance requirements, GRP products are suitable for many applications including walkways, platforms, ladders, handrailing and so much more.

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