Illumirail ®- Pod Lighting System For Handrails

Illumirail | LED Pod Lighting System for Handrail

The Illumirail pod system has been designed using top quality CREE LEDs. The single lens pods are rated at 1.2W. They are directly connected to a bus power cable using gel crimps. Pods are fitted with a diode on the negative side of their circuit to prevent the pod LEDs from blowing if they are wired incorrectly.

Pod system available to suit:

  • 2.0 - 3.2mm wall thickness for Ø42.4 and 48.3mm tube

There is a spring assembly incorporated into the lens body so it securely snaps into place and the lens can be removed if necessary. There is also the option to drill 2 holes in the flange of the lens which allows permanent fixing using a 2mm stainless steel rivet into pre-drilled holes in the tube.

We recommend the holes for the pods are machined out in a workshop or they can be drilled on site using a 24mm step drill.

Please note: note polarity and ensure to connect the wires accordingly.

Photometric Test Report

Illumirail Catalogue

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