Perimeter Base System

Our unique innovative Perimeter Base Section bolts directly to the Synergised subframe. It allows for a wide range of our base fix handrailing solutions to be bolted down to the perimeter to provide a safe, stunning edge protection where there is a fall of more than 600mm. The Internal Perimeter Support Jack provides the strength required to allow handrailing systems to reach the desired residential 0.74kN loading requirements as per BS6180.

If handrailing is not required, our Edge Fascia Profile can be fitted to discreetly hide the subframe. The Edge Fascia Profile is supplied powder coated black to contrast stylishly with the range of porcelain tiles and handrailing solutions, it also perfectly matches the Perimeter Base Section when used alongside on the same project.

Below you can see the true abilities of the synergised ranges working to complement each other. The different facets of this system work together to provide a fully tested, low maintenance integrated decking and handrailing solution. The Synergised aluminium sub-frame provide the strength and loadings required to give the structure a strong support for fixing the perimeter system or fascia. The perimeter system can work in conjunction with many different generic base fixed handrailing solutions to achieve the look you are after, whilst at the same time, providing a sturdy structure on which to fix your aluminium deck boards.

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