Fencing & Security | Securifor 358 Fence Height 2.0m

Featuring a toe and finger-proof mesh aperture, this system combines an anti-climb and anti-cut fence with excellent through visibility and resistance to vandalism. The ultimate in discreet high security perimeter protection for schools, industrial and commercial premises.


Mesh Pattern:

76.2 x 12.7mm resistance welded at each intersection

Horizontal Wires:

Ø 4mm dia at 12.7mm centres

Vertical Wires:

Ø 4mm at 76.2mm centres

Weld Strength:

75% of the minimum tensile strength of the wire


PVC coated green with galvanised substrate. Black coated is also available to order


Overlapped 75mm minimum at each post for securing with slotted clamp bars and Ø 8mm cup square round bolts

Post Systems:

Securifor 358 posts

Post Centres:

At approximately 2.440m


Please contact the sales desk for further information or to place an order. Please see below for the relevant products to suit your desired fence height. 

All prices shown are exclusive of VAT @ 20%

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