OnLevel Systems

OnLevel Slimline Frameless Glass Balustrade System

OnLevel's unique frameless glass balustrade system is slimline, low-maintenance, cost effective and elegant.  It has a pivot point of the glass on the same level as the rubber seals, therefore the rubber seals are never directly subjected to an increased or decreased load. As a result, dirt affect the balustrade much less.


  • Slender, attractive design & low maintenance
  • Wider drilling distances means reduced costs
  • Increased stability
  • Drainage holes
  • Available in mill/raw aluminium & anodised aluminium
  • For use with 12-21.52mm glass thicknesses
  • Suitable for use with bolt anchors
  • Flex-Fit set adjusts the posotion of each glass panel up to 34mm in relation to the vertical axis
  • Connecting pind allow high precision fit
  • Suitable for all surface types

OnLevel Flex System Test Report

OnLevel Flex System Fitting Video

Load Tabes for Balustrades

Aluminium Channel Cleaning & Maintenance

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