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Spig-Lite Pro Glass Spigot System

Using the same clamping and adjusting method as our Posiglase balustrade system to give a quick and easy installation, Spig-Lite Pro can be bolted directly into the substrate without the need for a channel, ensuring clean lines and greater glass visibility. Our channel free system allows a 32mm gap between substrate and glass allowing free dispersal of water.

With only two spigots required per metre of glass and only a single bolt per spigot, this system is one of the fastest to install currently available on the market. Our trapezoidal adjustment device ensures each panle of glass can be horizontally adjusted once in position, guaranteeing alignment and efficient installation.


  • Only 2 spigots and fixings required per metre - Extremely quick to install & elongated holes for easy alignment
  • No need to drill the glass - our glass clamping mechanism removes the need for locking pins to hold the glass
  • No drainage issues - free drainagle between the spigots ensures no water gets trapped inside the balcony area
  • Uses the proven Posiglaze adjustment system - guarantees horizontal alignment of each glass panel

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